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Despite a changed economic environment recruiters confirm in a recent industry report that the jobs market for learning and development specialists is robust, and should stay that way.

Coaching is now the most popular leadership development tool:
Latest data points to a particular demand for management development and talent succession expertise. Also confirmed is an increase in organizations looking for contractors with executive coaching skills to "develop senior managers to lead their teams more effectively." It also seems that more and more L&D professionals "have taken coaching qualifications in the market today".
Large organizations to have own coaching departments in near future:
"In 10 years' time there will be coaching departments in companies" The report adds such coaching departments will report to chief learning officers (CLOs), who will manage learning and development activities and have a seat on the board. Most companies it noted should "have a CLO in five years' time".
The report added that HR directors may well report to CLOs as companies re-structured their boards to give more prominence to learning and development and related activities. In the upper end of the coaching market it was claimed that 80% of that market was executive and leadership coaching, with business coaching accounting for around 20%.
-Personnel Today 2010
Tomasz Pawlikowski


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