The VUCA world around us has changed our perspective on leadership. Sustainable transformation is today the biggest challenge for brands and their leaders. Changing perspective, understanding the journey ahead, dealing with self-limitations and the response of the brand's teams and target groups are only a tip of the enormous challenge of saving the world around us and securing a safe future for humanity. 

It all starts with an individual change of the perspective. 

Coaching has become leadership's most imprtant development tool:

Latest global events and situation points to a particular demand for management development and talent succession expertise. Also confirmed is an increase in organizations looking for contractors with executive coaching skills to "develop senior managers to lead their teams more sustainably." 
Sustainability Coaching is the way to build new generation of thoughtful leaders:
Let’s plan for your sustainable business’s success- refine your ideas and practice for a smooth sailing and satisfying impact making business. As a sustainability coach and instructor I will assist you in integrating sustainability into your business model and implementation as well as help elevate your business skills to support your change making creations. 
Tom Pawlikowski


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