"The purpose of coaching is to produce behavioral change and growth in the coachee for the economic benefit of the client." - Harvard University, Business ReportThe 4 New Principles of Organizational Change:

1: All people and systems are dynamic -changing throughout time. -Continually changing external market forces and internal performance requirements mean any organization to survive and thrive must inturn learn how to grow and to engage in ongoing internal change

2. To change any organizational structure or process or result requires a change in people. -Learning means a change in behavior as people change by learning an alternate way of thinking and behaving

3. Behavioral coaching is the vehicle for successful, lasting personal and professional behavioral change. -Implementing any organizational change first requires a learning review (coaching assessment) by behavioral change experts (coaches).

4. Successful implementation of the learning review insights can only be achieved by employing a validated, scientific behavioral change program and leaders and executives who want to learn and lead by learning"Change is at the heart of coaching. It plays a critical role in helping individuals and organizations to create, adapt to, and accept change as a challenge rather than an obstacle. The process, though, can be a difficult on

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