Leadership Training

Brands do not exist without people. It is them who build brands and become brands themselves. The Brand DNA is build by people and what they believe in.

Coaching is to foster that. Inspiring, changing, helping people grow is ultimately impacting Brands well-being....

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announce a new  5-year agency-wide executive coaching program.

With the launch of the first agency-wide executive coaching program in 2004, NASA placed itself at the forefront of a growing awareness by public and private organizations of the value and impact of executive coaching as a vehicle for accelerating the development of leaders and high-potentials. Its commitment to the process of coaching as a model of change and learning demonstrates the continued recognition by the agencies officials of coaching's strategic importance to their long-term mission success.

In her recent testimony before Congress, Toni Dawsey, NASA's Assistant Administrator for Human Capital Management, said, "In order to build leadership 'bench strength,' we have developed a corporate, integrated approach to leadership development." She continued, "This framework provides continuity through succession planning and executive development - creating a skilled pipeline for leadership within NASA. Executive coaching is the key component of that framework. "NASA, like other organizations faces leadership challenges, including accelerating the development of new leaders, coping with a globalizing workforce and competitive landscape, and adapting to the accelerating pace of change, is looking to find better ways to face these challenges. Executive coaching is also a key component in its strategy to do so." -Business Wire 2009

People & Brands

Coming from the communication business I did not resist the temptation to put the word 'Brand' also here. But we all know how PEOPLE are important to BRANDS. Corporate world sometimes forgets about the most important thing that drives their business.

Helping people grow we unleash their potential to stimulate further growth of Brands.

"People don't want to engage with brands, they want to engage with the people behind the brands. " - Mike Emmanuel

"Scream marketing fails because, all too often, it is just that, and if we are not in the mood to be screamed at, it fails or – worse – turns us off completely. The most powerful brand relationship is personal but with people who have akin values." - David Phillips

"In an ideal world, the people ARE the brand." - Jarrett Nixon



Coaching is all about change. Changing you attitudes, behaviour, approach. Changing the language you use to describe your problems and issues - changing them to opportunities and challenges.

Change is a very powerful constant in our lives. No matter who we are or what we do, change is inevitable.

In today's changed economy businesses everywhere are being increasingly forced to change their structures and practices. As people are the greatest resource of any business there are now many competing calls on their time and their ability to change their thinking and actions to best fit the ever changing market conditions. It follows that a person's ability to change is today's most important discipline. Change Management has always been an integral part of modern business management, but with the emergence of a changed global economic environment and new business practices it has gathered seriousness.

Change Management techniques have traditionally helped businesses to adapt and adopt to new systems or way of doing business eg; procedural or production change via project management. However, businesses are increasingly realizing that they need to learn how to implement individual change as well as project change. That said, management still typically see change efforts only in terms of strategy, structure, business processes, technology, skills, products and services—the "work" of the organization. However, mastering the use of new professional skills also requires learning new personal skills sets and overcoming old habits.

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